Pattern Design for the Rest of Us

Popular Pattern Types: Basketweave Repeats

Using the Glide reflection , Double glide , Pinwheel , and Quarter-turns & rotated mirrors symmetries, with blending, you can create basketweave repeats from straight or curved shapes that stand out against their background.
Symmetries that generate basketweave patterns
For example, to create the classical basketweave, you can do the following:
  1. Start from a motif that has a part resembling a stripe.
  2. Using the Arrow tool, rotate the source image so that the stripe is oriented diagonally (at 45°).
  3. In the Parameters panel, choose the Pinwheel symmetry and a suitable value of Blend H, often in the range from 50 to 100%.
  4. Move and shrink/expand the control path so that it selects a part of the stripe.
  5. Tweak the orientation of the weave by rotating the image around the control path and finalize the amount of the blending.
Once a basketweave is created with the the Pinwheel symmetry , you can often click the Quarter-turns & rotated mirrors symmetry to create a pattern with wider interwoven bands.