Pattern Design for the Rest of Us

Making Repeating Patterns with SymmetryMill

Creating repeating patterns does not get any simpler than this. With the powerful SymmetryMill tools, you enjoy instant success. Get a quick overview from this short video »

Standalone application

Launch SymmetryMill as any other desktop application. Freely use local files, keyboard shortcuts, the undo/redo operations, and many other convenient features enriched by a seamless integration with the Artlandia servers that give you access to your patterns from another computer in the same room or across the globe. Download here »

Unending stream of patterns

Drag the control path with your mouse and SymmetryMill generates an endless stream of patterns. You'll be amazed at how many patterns lay hidden in any image, including the demo image in the free limited version »

Keyboard editing

Move the control path around with keyboard arrow keys. SymmetryMill remembers which part of the control path you clicked (an anchor, a side, or the entire control path) and lets you move that part in exact increments. Hold down the Shift key for bigger jumps.

Seventeen symmetry types

Click any of the colorful symmetry buttons in the Parameters panel and feast your eyes on the next pattern. There are exactly seventeen mathematically possible ways to create surface patterns and they are all available in SymmetryMill. Start your own explorations from these examples »

Brick and drop repeats

Brick and drop repeats are the bread and butter of textile design so SymmetryMill makes creating them extremely easy. Just use the Simple shift symmetry and shear the control path by dragging one of its sides. Get all the details from this step-by-step tutorial »

Helpful cursors

Move your mouse pointer in the Source Image window and you get immediate suggestions for what you can do at that moment. These simple edits bring you an incredible variety of patterns.

Seamless patterns

Not all symmetries produce seamless patterns, but that won't slow you down in SymmetryMill. Drag one or two Blend sliders and the built-in algorithms smooth away all the hard boundaries between motifs.

Local or web source images

Use PNG, JPEG, or GIFF images from your local computer or from the web. Local images will remain in the privacy of your own computer. You will never have to upload them to a server (unless you decide to share them).

Drag and drop

Drag images from your local computer onto SymmetryMill. That's all it takes to load an image. And you can drag images from your web browser too!

Load recent images

Quickly load recently used images by selecting them from the File > Load Recent menu. This comes in especially handy when you loaded an image from the web and did not yet have a chance to record its location.

Easy rotation of the source image

Tweak the pattern by rotating the image around the control path.

Color adjustments

Drag the sliders in the Filters panel to change the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, and transparency of your source image or to colorize a monotone image. Easily go from a color to grayscale image or the other way around.

The sharpen and blur filters

Use the standard sharpen and blur filters to add new dimensions to your patterns.

Background color

Leave the background transparent or choose a background color with the SymmetryMill color picker.

Tile, pattern, and unit cell export

Export your pattern from SymmetryMill at any time: as a tile, to use as a background of a webpage or to print on fabric; as a pattern, to use as an art or illustration; or as a unit cell, to re-create your SymmetryMill pattern in SymmetryWorks or SymmetryShop.

Private and public snapshot sets

Take a snapshot of the current pattern and save all its settings at once. Or click a snapshot and get the previously saved pattern back. Snapshots are stored in your user account in groups (sets), automatically. If you decide to make your snapshots public, other people will get both your patterns and the exact recipes to reproduce them.

Community sharing (Pattern Central)

SymmetryMill is as much about creating patterns as it is about sharing them. Share your patterns exactly the way you want: with a selected group of people or publicly at the central repository—Pattern Central. Public sharing equally benefits you, the author, and the community at large. Learn more about sharing in this tutorial »

Author pages

Build your own portfolio and present it to the world. SymmetryMill creates, links, and indexes your personal author page for you. Send your interactive portfolio to friends, potential clients, or employers with a click. Or let other people find you more easily on the web.

Shared listings

Browse shared patterns by date or rating. Or go directly to the hall of fame of featured patterns »

Finding similar patterns

Search for a specific type of patterns on Pattern Central. A comprehensive collection of tags lets you look up similar patterns once you have found one that suits your needs.

Automatic notifications

Follow @symmetrystream on Twitter and be notified of new shared patterns. As soon as a new submission is received, SymmetryMill will post a message:

Unlisted patterns

Check the Unlisted box in the Share dialog and you will be able to discuss your patterns with friends without making your patterns available publicly. SymmetryMill will create a pattern homepage, but nobody will know about it unless you send them a link.

Loading shared patterns from the web

Simply drag and drop a web address from Pattern Central to instantly load the shared patterns in SymmetryMill. You can then flip through the shared snapshots and start working with them at once. As an example, launch your SymmetryMill and drag this link »

Derived pattern sets

Create derivatives from other people's patterns (if their license allows it) and let others enhance your patterns too. SymmetryMill keeps tabs on sharing and links up derived patterns to the parent. So when somebody derives from your patterns, it enhances your online reputation.

Customizable preferences

Customize the startup behavior and tweak various optimization settings to your liking. SymmetryMill remembers your choices and will apply them when you sign in the next time.

Online user guide

Access the convenient online user guide with just a few clicks. Even though SymmetryMill is easy to learn by trying and experimenting, the user guide will still be helpful for a quick overview.

New in SymmetryMill 2

Rebuilt from the ground up

SymmetryMill 2 is completely rebuilt under the hood. Enjoy the power of the modern technology behind the familiar user interface. If you are still using an older 1.x version, update it now »

Pattern Explorer

Sit back and relax while the Pattern Explorer is busy making all kinds of patterns for you. Go on autopilot for inspiration, learning what’s possible or refining a pattern design idea. Keep one or more pattern parameters fixed while exploring the others. Stop any time you find something interesting.

Explorer track

Your Explorer history is recorded. Jump back to any point and replay it like a movie—or browse frame by frame and select the best.

Repeat size display

Make the repeat size of your patterns exactly to spec. SymmetryMill automatically displays the repeat size as you edit the control path.

Blend modes

Easily mesh together even the hardest-to-repeat parts of any source image. Dozens of new blend modes let you smooth away boundaries between neighboring units in your patterns exactly to your liking. Choose among Normal, Enhanced Average, Dissolve, Darken, Multiply, Color Burn, Inverse Color Dodge, and many other blend modes »

Image filters

Tweak your patterns with a rich new collection of non-destructive image filters, including Sepia, Reduce Colors, Pixelate, Add Noise, Dot Screen, Emboss and other filters »