Pattern Design for the Rest of Us

Artlandia SymmetryMill: Pattern Design for the Rest of Us

You might not be a professional designer, but if you want to create great repeating patterns quickly and easily, from just about any image, and have fun in the process, then Artlandia SymmetryMill is for you, and it works right on your desktop. No other software is needed!

SymmetryMill is now in version 2.1. All current subscribers get a free automatic upgrade. Download now »

As you move the simple controls, SymmetryMill brings out a cornucopia of patterns, all ready to use in your projects. Explore, enjoy, share, and remix. Start with the free limited version and see its unlimited possibilities. Then subscribe and unlock the full potential of the app.

"SymmetryMill feels like it was built for light-hearted experimentation. Everything is very responsive... If you have to create patterns as part of your work, SymmetryMill is one of those rare applications that makes work feel like play."

— PC World

"Easy to use... really amazing... excellent concept... inspirational... a very unique tool... had big fun with it... new possibilities for me as an artist... what a fantastic programme... I can sit and experiment all day long... a must have... such a jewel... AMAZING..."

— SymmetryMill users * * * *

Real-Life Models, Live

Put your patterns on garments, develop upholstery, camouflage vehicles, try new interior design ideas—or paint the whole buildings. A free SymmetryMill plug-in for SketchUp instantly applies your patterns to 3D models. Edit a pattern and the model updates automatically. Learn more »

Interactive Texture Editor for SketchUp
SymmetryWorks, SymmetryShop, or SymmetryMill?

Not sure which solution is for you? Choose by the tools you use. For Adobe Illustrator, SymmetryWorks is unsurpassed. For Photoshop, SymmetryShop is the most powerful. And if you want to make patterns on your desktop, without any additional software, then SymmetryMill is the way to go! See the comparison chart for details »