Pattern Design Tools Comparison Guide

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Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator
Host application
One-click creation of patterns
All symmetry types
Built-in library of popular repeats
Interactive changes of the symmetry type, repeat size, drop amount, and other parameters
Counterchange symmetry operations
Fully customizable color reversals in cells, tiles, and arbitrarily transformed motifs
Interlocking design elements
One-click clipping of repeating units
Easily blended units
Supports raster (bitmap) images
Supports vector (resolution-independent) elements
A pattern can include images with different resolutions
The pattern rebuilds automatically when you edit seed elements
Supports pixel-based selection
Arbitrarily scattered design elements
Freehand drawing into the pattern
Live editing of pattern swatches
Live editing of symbols
Live updates of pattern fills for all symmetry types
A pattern can contain a mix of different symmetries
Interactive editing of symbols inside patterns
Nested patterns (pattern in pattern)
Private and public snapshots
Community sharing
Loading of patterns from the web
SymmetryShop Summary
Best for Creating patterns from large raster images, scanned art, and photographs
SymmetryWorks Summary
Best for Creating patterns from vector elements or a combination of vector and raster images
LivePresets Summary
Best for Interactive editing of symbols and simple pattern swatches
SymmetryWorks LP Summary
Best for Interactive editing of patterns of any complexity, with live updates
SymmetryMill Summary
Best for Creating simpler patterns from images, without editing the source image
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* Support limited to half-drop and half-brick.
Built-in algorithms for natural blending.
¹ Faster processing, smaller files.
² Yes, in a smart object.