About Artlandia

Artlandia, Inc. develops, markets, and supports award-winning graphic design software that delivers both ease of use to beginners and unprecedented creative freedom to accomplished professionals.

Artlandia® SymmetryWorks® is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator. By making patterns live and interactive, SymmetryWorks transformed pattern design, which used to require long, tedious, and painstaking manual work, into an easy, fun, and rewarding activity. Released in 2001, and now in its sixth major release, the plug-in won recognition and user loyalty and has grown to become an indispensable tool for individual freelance designers as well as large organizations. It is employed through site licenses in leading companies, incorporated in high school and university courses, and widely used throughout the world for creating surface designs for wallpaper, fabrics, quilting, tilings, sculptures, post cards, web pages, and other applications.

Artlandia® SymmetryShop® is a feature-rich plug-in that fully automates the workflow of creating repeating patterns in Adobe Photoshop. The plug-in gives the user full control over all pattern parameters and easily produces pattern designs from scanned hand-painted motifs, high-resolution photographs, and other complex raster images.

Artlandia® SymmetryMill™ brings pattern design to the rest of us. Working in all popular web browsers, the application produces a ready stream of seamless repeating patterns from virtually any web or local image. Finished patterns can be shared with friends or the community at large. A wealth of publicly shared patterns is accumulated on Pattern Central, an Artlandia web resource where the patterns can be browsed, loaded back in SymmetryMill, and exported to other applications, all free of charge. Installed in Trimble SketchUp, SymmetryMill becomes a built-in texture editor that lets the designer apply custom pattern textures to mockups of apparel, furnishings, interiors and exteriors of buildings and vehicles, and other 3D models.

Artlandia® LivePresets® is a simple and powerful plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that lets the user interactively edit formerly "static" pattern swatches and symbols. LivePresets opens new ways for dynamic editing of repeating objects and is an essential tool for interactive modeling of garments, gift wrap, web pages, and other end products, as well as creating borders, non-periodic patterns, and other arrangements. The plug-in is used by itself and as an integral part of SymmetryWorks LP.

The company's namesake software, Artlandia®, turns Mathematica, technical computing software from Wolfram Research, into a powerful and flexible graphic design program, equipped with a means for the automatic generation of images attractive to the human eye.

Designs created with the Artlandia software are featured in dozens of publications, grace the covers of books and magazines, and are implemented in successful industry products. A selection of royalty-free geometrical, optical, camouflage, and certificate designs is provided in the Artlandia® Collection.

Dedicated to the pattern design community, Artlandia also develops and maintains Wonderland, a compendium of symmetry and pattern design resources, and the illustrated Glossary of pattern design that are both available for free on the company website, artlandia.com.

Artlandia is an Illinois corporation. It was established in 1995, incorporated in 1997, and is based in Champaign, IL.