Pattern Design for the Rest of Us

Patterns Tutorials—Artlandia SymmetryMill

With SymmetryMill, you can make repeating patterns from any image right on your desktop. See how quick and easy it is.
Getting Started with SymmetryMill (video tutorial, 5 min)

Get up to speed with SymmetryMill basics in just a few minutes.

SymmetryMill Control Path (video tutorial, 2 min)

Select a part of your image with the control path and SymmetryMill turns it into a pattern.

SymmetryMill Cursors (video tutorial, 4 min)

SymmetryMill cursors guide you as you work.

Creating Drop and Brick Repeats in SymmetryMill (video tutorial, 2.5 min)

Brick and Drop repeats are very common in pattern design and they are very easy to create in SymmetryMill.

Sharing Your SymmetryMill Patterns (video tutorial, 4 min)

SymmetryMill makes it exceptionally easy to share your work.

SymmetryMill for Fashion: Applying Textures to SketchUp Models (Basics)

Use the free version of SymmetryMill and the free version of SketchUp to interactively design patterns for garments.

Applying Textures to Curved Surfaces in SketchUp

Applying SymmetryMill textures is no different than applying any other SketchUp textures—learn to do it quickly and efficiently.

Using the Color by Layer Style in SketchUp

Like SketchUp's Color by Layer style? Learn to use it with SymmetryMill.