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SymmetryMill for SketchUp: Using the Color by Layer Style

This is a follow-up to the tutorial on applying SymmetryMill Textures in SketchUp. We continue with the free version of SketchUp, the free SymmetryMill plug-in for SketchUp, and the free version of SymmetryMill, and consider a special case when the applied SymmetryMill remains invisible, even after you checked the View > Face Style > Shaded With Texture menu item and inspected both the front and the back sides of your painted surface. The reason may be a special Color by Layer style.

1 Load the 2D Trendy Couple model from 3D Warehouse.

2 We want to paint the man's shirt, which happens to be inside a component, so we start by opening the component for editing and try to paint the shirt:

  1. Double-click the couple to start editing the component.
  2. Click the white shirt once.
  3. Make an edit in the SymmetryMill Texture Editor window to apply a texture.
  4. Right-click the shirt (Control-click on Mac OS) and choose Reverse Faces.
If the Entity Info panel is not open, choose Window > Entity Info to open it. You will see that the shirt is painted in the Entity Info panel, and yet both the front and the back of the shirt are displayed in white.

3 Here is where we need to dig deeper. Choose Window > Styles, click the Edit tab, and then click the Modeling Settings button. In the Modeling section, notice that the checkbox Color by layer is selected. That's our culprit.

4 Deselect the Color by layer checkbox and your SymmetryMill texture should become visible.

5 You can now tweak the texture scale to go better with the rest of the model:

  1. Choose Window > Materials.
  2. Select In Model (Windows) or Colors in Model (Mac OS) in the material library popup.
  3. Double-click the material named "SymmetryMill Tile".
  4. Enter a smaller number in the Width field (2" works) and click the Close button in the Edit Material Section.

6 And finally, restore the Color by layer style and apply your new SymmetryMill texture as the layer color of the corresponding layer:

  1. Select the Color by layer checkbox (your SymmetryMill texture will disappear).
  2. Choose Window > Layers.
  3. In the Layers panel, click the off-white color swatch next to the Color-White layer.
  4. Drag the SymmetryMill swatch from the Materials panel to the Layer color swatch and click OK to accept the new layer color.

7 Your model should now display your SymmetryMill texture together with all the other layer colors.

You can download the SketchUp model with our edits here.