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Creating Repeat Patterns: Using Filters

NEW in SymmetryMill 2
Filters change the appearance of the source image. To apply a filter, select the corresponding checkbox in the Filters panel. You can apply more than one filter and change the order in which filters are applied by dragging filters up or down in the Filters panel.
Filters panel
If the Filters panel is hidden, click the Show Filters button in the SymmetryMill toolbar to show it.
Show Filters button
Most SymmetryMill filters allow you to change parameters and make the effect as mild (or as strong) as you like. And because the filters are non-destructive, you can always deselect the corresponding checkbox in the Filters panel and remove the filter effect altogether.
Original image
Original image
The Adjust Colors filter
Adjust Colors
The Adjust Colors filter (desaturate)
Adjust Colors (desaturate)
The Sepia filter
The Polaroid Color filter
Polaroid Color
The Reduce Colors filter
Reduce Colors
The Sharpen filter
The Pixelate filter
The Add Noise filter
Add Noise
The Dot Screen filter
Dot Screen
The Symbol Screen filter
Symbol Screen
The Cross-Hatch Screen filter
Cross-Hatch Screen
The Emboss filter
The Blur filter
The Dot Screen filter + Blur
Dot Screen + Blur
Filters such as Blur are most useful in combination with other filters.
Run the Explorer after selecting the Filters checkbox to create a wide variety of filter effects for your patterns.