Pattern Design for the Rest of Us

Saving (Exporting) Patterns

ENHANCED in SymmetryMill 2.1
To export a pattern from SymmetryMill, click the Export Pattern button in the SymmetryMill toolbar. This opens the Export dialog. Click the Export button to save the pattern on your screen or click the Export Snapshots button to save snapshots in the current snapshot set.
The Export dialog
Use the Format pop-up menu to choose the PNG or JPG file format.
For multiple snapshots, images are automatically saved in sequentially numbered files.
The Component pop-up menu lets you choose to export your patterns as:
  • Tile, a rectangular image that creates a seamless pattern when repeated vertically and horizontally; for instance, on a web page or fabric
  • Pattern, several tiles or a fractional tile
  • Repeated Unit, the smallest repeated unit ("unit cell") to import into SymmetryWorks or SymmetryShop
Component pop-up
For the Pattern component, you can additionally specify the size of exported images in pixels or in number of tiles.
Saving patterns
Unless you specify the target image size in pixels, exported image sizes can be different for different snapshots.