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Sharing: What and How

The current snapshot set that you see in the Snapshots panel is always your private set (or a private copy of a shared set). To share it with the outside world, click the Share button in the SymmetryMill toolbar. That will display the Share dialog, which lets you specify how you want to share your patterns: publicly, with the community at large, or a group of people of your choice. You can choose the latter by selecting the Unlisted checkbox. In either case, you will automatically create a homepage for your shared set on the Artlandia website and receive a permanent link (permalink) to that page once the sharing is complete.
Share dialog (short)
A new Public set will be listed on Pattern Central and on top of the Most Recent page, where the patterns have the best chance to be discovered and rated by the community. The set will also appear on more specialized pages that you (or Artlandia moderators) select by specifying Tags.
Click the Add details button in the Share dialog to add Tags and other relevant information.
A link to your publicly shared patterns along with Comments that you supply in the Share dialog will also appear on Twitter and possibly on other social networks. To be notified of new shared sets, you may choose to follow symmetrystream on Twitter:
Artlandia's Pattern Central
Unlisted sets are not advertised or linked from any public page on the Artlandia website. However, you can still place a link to your patterns on your own website or forward the link to your friends, collaborators, class, or any other group of people of your choice.
Unlisted sets are also convenient if you want to preview your pattern homepage before making it public.
You can edit your shared set or change its distribution from Unlisted to Public (or from Public to Unlisted) at any time.

To edit your shared set:

  1. Load your shared patterns in SymmetryMill.
  2. Add or remove snapshots, if you wish.
  3. Click the Share button.
  4. Optionally, edit the pattern information in the Share dialog.
  5. To change the distribution of your patterns, select (or deselect) the Unlisted checkbox.
  6. Click the Update Info button (or the Update button, if you also updated the pattern set).
Note: Limiting distribution of a public item will remove links to the item from the community area on the Artlandia website, but will not necessarily remove all the references to the item on the internet.
Material updates of a shared set re-submit your comments to social networks and bring the set back on top of the Most Recent page, but they also remove ratings and all other distinctions, such as Featured Pattern, that your set may have accumulated. A material update is one that adds a new pattern. On the other hand, the following are not considered material updates and will not remove the ratings and distinctions:
  • Edits of comments, tags, and other pattern information in the Share dialog
  • Deletion of a snapshot
  • Addition of a duplicate snapshot
By selecting the Make a new derivative set checkbox in the Share dialog, you can create a new and improved shared set and yet preserve all the ratings in the old set.
The Make a new derivative set checkbox is available only for patterns that you own.
To remove a shared set:
  1. Load your shared patterns in SymmetryMill.
  2. Click the Share button.
  3. Click the Remove (Make Private) button.
You can remove only shared sets that you yourself authored.

Derivative works

Patterns created from an original source image may be considered "derivative works" under the U.S. and international copyright laws. When sharing your work created from someone else's images, you should always consider if your use of the original image complies with applicable laws and is permissible. Consult a qualified copyright attorney if in doubt. Here are a few starting pointers:
  1. Wikipedia: Derivative work
  2. Wikimedia Commons: Derivative works
  3. Chilling Effects: Derivative works