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Getting Around: Signing In

Why sign in?   Signing in to your FREE Artlandia user account enables you to save your work and application preferences, vote for contributions shared by other users, and share your own work with others. To sign in to your user account, click Sign in in the SymmetryMill toolbar.
SymmetryMill Sign in button
The Artlandia user account is free. Signing in enables you to use SymmetryMill to its fullest potential.
The Sign in dialog has a link to create your user account if you do not have one yet.
To automatically sign in the next time you start SymmetryMill, click the Stay signed in checkbox in the Sign in dialog.
SymmetryMill Sign in dialog
If you have subscribed to the full version, signing in also makes all the SymmetryMill features available. Otherwise, you will continue in the Limited Version mode. Click here to learn about the differences between the full version and the limited version.
To sign out, click the Sign out button in the SymmetryMill toolbar. After that, your private snapshot sets will no longer be available and any changes you make will not be saved, until the next time you sign in.