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Working with Snapshots: The Snapshots Panel

The Snapshots panel at the bottom of your SymmetryMill window contains your active snapshot set. You can add a snapshot to the active set by clicking the Take Snapshot button and remove one or more snapshots from the set by selecting the snapshots and clicking the Delete Selected Snapshots button . To delete all snapshots from the active set at once, click the Delete All Snapshots button .
Snapshots panel
In most cases, you can also press the keyboard Delete key to delete the selected snapshots.
Use the Shift key and/or the Ctrl key (Windows) or the Command key (Mac OS) to select multiple snapshots.
To edit a snapshot label, click a snapshot to select it and then either click the label or press the Enter key.
To reorder snapshots, select one or more snapshots and drag them to a new position in the Snapshots panel.