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Creating Repeat Patterns: 17 Wallpaper Groups (Symmetry Types)

The 17 wallpaper groups are the mathematically possible ways to create surface patterns. To change the symmetry of your pattern, click one of the 17 colorful symmetry buttons in the Parameters panel.
Symmetry buttons
Artlandia SymmetryWorks and SymmetryShop users will recognize the SymmetryMill's symmetry buttons, which are the same as those in other Artlandia products.
The symmetry buttons have tooltips that give you an idea of what operations SymmetryMill performs to build the pattern. You can change between the Descriptive (default) and Mathematical tooltips in the Preferences dialog. The mathematical tooltips use the standard mathematical notations for the planar symmetry groups.
Changing the symmetry typically changes the shape of the control path and, therefore, your pattern’s motif. By moving the control path’s anchors and sides using the Arrow tool in the Source Image window, you can change the motif within restrictions imposed by symmetry laws.