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Counterchange patterns - Created in Artlandia

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Created: 10/19/2013
Last edited: 10/21/2013

Playing with counterchange #patterns created in #SymmetryWorks...

Pattern preview: How to open in SymmetryMill for details (3 more) »

In a recent tutorial on counterchange patterns with two-color symmetries, we used SymmetryWorks to create vector renditions of the 46 classic patterns from the 1936 paper by H.J. Woods "The geometrical basis of pattern design. Part IV-Counterchange symmetry in plane patterns". Now we put one of those patterns through SymmetryMill's "Double mirror" kaleidoscope:

Repeating a counterchange pattern from the two-color symmetries tutorial

The source image is marked pm/pm(m') in the tutorial.

Copyright type: Creative Commons Attribution License

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A sample of Wallpaper Group PMM, Counterchange Pattern, Two Color Symmetries