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Artlandia is based on Mathematica. It extends the powerful Mathematica language and lets you write simple programs that produce ornaments, patterns, and designs for industrial applications or your mathematical recreations.

The software gives you immediate access to a wealth of algorithms developed and successfully used in Artlandia, Inc. for practical design. Dealing with visualization of data, Artlandia provides a unique selection of tools for distributing numerical arrays along one-dimensional objects or over two-dimensional ones and facilitates non-traditional artistic interpretation of data. At the same time, Artlandia is not a stranger to the standard mathematical means of depicting dependencies, say, in the form of curves, or filling the plane with wallpaper patterns. It also allows you to design with lower-level transformations translations, rotations, glide reflections, etc.

Another core class of graphics operations — automated in Artlandia, but possibly tedious and time consuming otherwise — involves creating, applying, and modifying color palettes and other graphics directives. The software, for the first time, makes available the proprietary algorithms for color coordination, enhancement, and reduction.

Artlandia creates graphic designs from any data — mathematical or experimental — or algorithm — built-in or external. As a particular design idea often calls for the efficacious preprocessing of the data, Artlandia lends a hand by supplying tools for such recurring types of operations as normalization, smoothing, and imposing periodicity.

Artlandia also addresses computer-generated art and the fact that a perfectly predictable and/or symmetric image is unnatural, and never a pinnacle of artistry. At the other extreme, the total randomness is unnatural and, paradoxically, predictable. The task of a computer art program is, therefore, to combine perfection and randomness in proportion. Artlandia is designed to create and explore this union.

Artlandia comes with the full online version of The Artlandia Guide that includes extensive step-by-step instructions for creating "real-life" designs as well as a comprehensive reference guide. Both parts are conveniently accessible through the Mathematica Help Browser. Complete information on any Artlandia function can be obtained in a matter of seconds.