What do I need to run Artlandia?
      First of all, you need Mathematica which is available from Wolfram Research, Inc. (See also specific System Requirements).
        How does Artlandia differ from other graphic applications, like Photoshop or Illustrator?
        Artlandia artwork starts as a program in the Mathematica language (see Anatomy of an Artlandia Program for a typical procedure). You then have complete programmatic control over your image.
        This is all good and well, but I'm new to Mathematica. Can I still use Artlandia?
        Yes, the current version of Artlandia includes Artlandia Kaleidoscope, which makes creating kaleidoscopic art as easy as clicking a mouse.
        What if I get stuck? Can I expect any help from you?
        Limited support is included in the Artlandia package. See our Technical Support Policy.
        Do you have Artlandia in stock? How soon is it made available?
        Artlandia is available for download immediately after you have placed your order.