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From Idea to Design
From Idea to Design
From Idea to Design

"... you are rewarded with one stunning image after another."
Ivars Peterson, Science News/Visiting Artlandia, MathTrek

"[With Artlandia] you can program the effects instead of drawing freehand. This is extreme symmetry drawing power."
Ted Goranson, About This Particular Macintosh

Easily program your ornaments, patterns, and designs by computer. Uncover the beauty of mathematical structures, algorithms, or data. Produce stunning professional designs for tiles, wallpaper, textiles, gift wrap, or personalized postcards.
Study and teach symmetry—through art. Build up mathematical intuition.
Create art and enjoy a whimsical companion for
your mathematical recreations.
Apply the secrets for creating attractive images. Access inexhaustible sources of inspiration for your design work.