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Thanks to further algorithmic development in Artlandia and outstanding enhancements in speed and efficiency of numerical calculations in Mathematica 4, the new Artlandia version demonstrates an impressive performance increase in all its critical functions. Here are just a few points of comparison:

    Generating the natural array of 10,000 points is now 15 times faster (the Artlandia function NaturalArray).

    Resampling a line of 2,000 points down to 200 equidistant points is about 6 times faster (the Artlandia function Resample).

    A 200-line hatching of a polygon now takes one-forth the time (the Artlandia function Hatch).

    Building a 500 point shape along a 2,000-point curve is more than 5 times faster (the Artlandia function Crown).

    Constructing a smooth, 200-shade color gradient between two 100-point curves is almost 5 times faster (the Artlandia function ContourTransition).

    Finally, constructing a tiling of 80,000 points is a factor of 40 faster (the Artlandia function Tile).

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