Pattern design on Illustrator

Patterns Tutorials—Artlandia SymmetryWorks

Symmetry Diagrams and Creating a Geometric Pattern in Illustrator
by Iaroslav Lazunov, Vectorboom

Find diagrams of patterns of all the primary symmetry types and instructions for creating a simple geometric pattern in Arabian style.

Creating Ikat Patterns with SymmetryWorks

Just touch SymmetryWorks seed objects with the properly configured Wrinkle tool and an ikat pattern appears.

The Counterchange Symmetries for the Mathematically Inclined

Learn to create the 46 counterchange patterns with "two-color" symmetries from a classic paper by H.J. Woods.

Creating Camouflage Patterns in Illustrator

Design original camouflage (camo) patterns in Illustrator with Artlandia SymmetryWorks.

Creating Half-Drop and Brick Repeats

The Simple shift command in the SymmetryWorks Option panel is more versatile than it may seem.

Making Illustrator Brushes
by Sara Froehlich, Northlite Designs

Learn to make scatter and pattern brushes (PDF, 291 KB) as well as Celtic knot brushes (PDF, 245 KB) from SymmetryWorks patterns.

Applying Photoshop Styles to SymmetryWorks Patterns
by Sara Froehlich, Northlite Designs

Enhance your SymmetryWorks patterns in Photoshop (PDF, 244 KB).

SymmetryWorks Madness
by Michael Hamm

Use bits and pieces of letters to create intricate, eye-catching patterns (PDF, 110k).

Adjusting the Orientation of the Pattern

Need to tweak the orientation of your SymmetryWorks pattern? Here's an easy way.

Tiling Designs in SymmetryWorks
by Chris Schmidt

Creating dynamically editable tiling patterns with SymmetryWorks. The Computer Arts magazine (UK), no. s38, 2002 (a special issue on illustration).

Create beautiful patterns using SymmetryWorks
by G. H. Cloutier

Inside Illustrator's beginner's guide (the November, 2001 issue).