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What do users say about SymmetryWorks?

SymmetryWorks works flawlessly... [It] is easy to use and offers a tremendous number of possibilities. I am very happy with this plug-in... excellent work.

— Alfred Heusner, UC Davis

This plugin is amazing! Artlandia made my life easier, creating [patterns] is a pleasure.... It is very intuitive, easy to use, the positive energy is all around this plug-in. It was created with love and I recommended it to many of my friends who are also happy to work with this wonderful program.

— Emilia Kun, Emilia Kun Design
Samples from Emilia's portfolio are here »

Artlandia SymmetryWorks LP is the foundation to vector line patterns throughout the various projects that DSS Plastics Group designs and manufactures, including driver’s licenses, US passport cards, and credentials for all the major pro sports championships, the GRAMMYs, and various highly secure events in Silicon Valley. I’ve been using your product for 6+ years and eagerly await all updates.

— Jaeson Caulley, Designer & VP of DSS Plastics Group
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All the motifs/patterns in my new Abstra_Xian (Textile Design) collection have been done with Artlandia [SymmetryWorks and SymmetryShop], which, when mastered, are very easy to use and great. One design gives zillions of motifs and makes your imagination go wild. You want to keep all the created patterns and do all things with them.

— Xian (Christian Boulad), artist
Samples from the Xian's collection are here »

Custom-Made Chic: Buffalo State College is preparing their fashion and textile students for the real world of fashion design.

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I thought you might like seeing what I use SymmetryWorks for. Attached is a photo of one of my recent carvings/sculptures using a feather pattern generated with SymmetryWorks.

— Dan Trythall, avocational user
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This is what I had wanted for so long. I can update a source file in Photoshop and have my SymmetryWorks pattern automatically updated. That's what I call efficiency! I can then use the updated Illustrator file in my 3D rendering software to show the change on the rendering... A chameleon walking in a fabric showroom, changing patterns as he goes by comes to mind.

— Martin de Blois, industrial designer

I like just about everything about this plug-in. Mostly, I like the flexibility. Math is fine for some, but I like skipping that part and just experimenting with possibilities. With SymmetryWorks, I get lots of delightful surprises. Far better, more fun, and more interesting than any computer game!

— Brigid Sturgeon, Sunrise Illuminations
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Easy to use and very innovative.

— Osman Yürekli, Ithaca College

... works simply and smoothly with Illustrator...

— Victor Bloomfield, University of Minnesota

It's a fun and fascinating plug-in that I always hate to close.

— Lyn Stephenson Applebe, Mine Eye

I love this program. I use it all the time! I wish all programs were so easy to use and with such great results.

— Ron Walker, RC2 Creative

This plug-in is a wonderful new addition to Adobe Illustrator! For all you textile designers, this is a MUST HAVE! Very easy to use, great features and more! This is a great plug-in!

— William J. Castro, Graphic Designer, Shalom
International, New York City

I am delighted with SymmetryWorks. It has proven useful in countless ways. Thanks for a really wonderful piece of software!

— Stephen Moye, Brown University Graphic Services

You can use brushes, masks, compound paths and even transparency in your seed graphic to make nifty patterns.

— G. H. Cloutier, Inside Illustrator

...very clever software design...

— James P. Hassett, Hassett Associates

I have been spending much of my time on SymmetryWorks and find it is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

— Sandra Carnegie, Evans Company

Thank you for creating SymmetryWorks. As a textile designer, I think it is one of the best new tools since we are starting to use computers for design.

— Patrice George, Patrice George Designs
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The really exceptional and unique feature of SymmetryWorks is the ability to create resolution free vector motifs, that can then be expanded and placed into yet another design symmetry. These vector repeats can be imported into a raster program at any size and resolution. At present only very expensive high-end hardware systems will allow the development of large-scale designs like those used in the home furnishings and wallpaper industries. [But] vector designs can be quickly developed in Adobe Illustrator using SymmetryWorks. This is wonderful news for all textile designers.

— Elaine Polvinen, Buffalo State College

Aside from creating unlimited patterns with SymmetryWorks I find this software a valuable aid for design ideas. Just getting in there and playing a little caused me to think of the many, many things I can do with SymmetryWorks that I would have balked at before just because of the sheer work of it. SymmetryWorks will save you tons of hours of work by creating fantastic patterns and designs in just seconds or minutes. It is well worth the asking price and more.

Vikki Dawson, TIEM

I think it's a wonderful plug-in... [It] is just FUN pushing the buttons and seeing where it goes... Many variables, like adjusting control points and adding pieces to the symmetry after it's made, make it even more fun.

— Sara Froehlich, Northlite Designs
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I have sincerely enjoyed using SymmetryWorks. It's a lot of fun. I designed patterns that we are going to use at the Phoenix Art Museum show... [The plug-in is] totally what I expected it to be. It's awesome.

— Grant Wiggins, Phoenix, AZ
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I used SymmetryWorks for a CD label and sleeve that I designed for Adobe Systems. It was really easy to use and saved me a lot of time. It is like magic.

— Diane Sangster,

I used SymmetryWorks to develop many background patterns for a series of 48 animations. The animations are part of a book/CD package "Journey to the Center of the Internet". The plug-in has some extremely powerful features that I plan to continue exploring.

— Jesse Flores,

I just finished making a movie of the traffic guy [that I put] into a pattern. I thought you might like to see what I did with SymmetryWorks.

— Joe Freedman, Sarabande Press
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... most interesting plug-in...

— Franz Szabo, Internet Editor of Wiener Journal

There is nothing else like it out there.

— Adam Hill, thregecy inc.

Absolutely the coolest Illustrator plug-in I've ever played with...

— Flip Phillips, Skidmore College