Pattern design on Illustrator
SymmetryWorks Mini-Tutorials

Creating Camouflage Patterns in Illustrator with SymmetryWorks

1 Start by creating a few random shapes with the pen or pencil tool.

2 Select the shapes and click the Make button in the SymmetryWorks panel. You can use any symmetry type you like. For this pattern we chose Simple shift (). Using the direct-selection tool, drag the right side of the control path half-way down to create the half-drop repeat.

3 Choose the wrinkle tool in the Illustrator toolbox and apply the tool to your seed elements. Be sure to deselect the control path before applying wrinkles; you do not want to get it distorted.

4 Increase the repeat size to give yourself room to work. You can do that by editing the control path. Then add a few replicas of the original image. Scale the replicas and move them around to create an organic look. Your pattern is ready. You can find more sample camouflage designs in the Camouflage volume of the Artlandia Collection.

Note:You can also create camouflage patterns with Artlandia SymmetryShop. See "Creating Camouflage Patterns: Raster."