Photoshop Pattern Design for the Pro

Frequently asked questions about SymmetryShop

What is Artlandia SymmetryShop?

The Artlandia SymmetryShop plug-in is all you need to create professional pattern designs in Adobe Photoshop. This plug-in instantly turns a selected part of your artwork into a pattern and then lets you interactively change the pattern and adjust its parameters. You can even make changes at a later time, for example, when a client requests refinements.

Do I need to know exactly how each pattern is created?

No, the plug-in makes all the necessary transformations (rotations, reflections, and so on) for you. The seventeen symmetry controls in the SymmetryShop palette allow you to choose the pattern type and convert between different types with a click. The plug-in also has the Layout list that lets you create many popular repeats (drop, grid, spot, gradation, and others), also with a click. To see how this works, click here or here and press the Show How button.

Once a pattern is created, can I add other objects to it?

Yes, SymmetryShop keeps your original art intact in a separate layer. You can add objects to your original art, or you can edit it in any other way you like. Then simply update your SymmetryShop.

Is there a way to change the repeat size?

Every SymmetryShop pattern has a dedicated element, called the control path, that you can interactively edit with usual Photoshop tools. The plug-in will automatically rebuild your pattern to reflect your edits.

Can I create interlocking patterns?

Absolutely. You can easily create patterns with interlocking units—just as you can clip repeating units and stack them together as simple blocks. Click here for an example.

Can I define a Photoshop pattern fill (pattern preset)?

Yes, you can create any number of pattern fills while you are working in SymmetryShop. Just click the Export button and your pattern will be added to the pattern presets. To see how this works, click here.

Can I make a pattern from a scanned image (a photograph, a hand-painted artwork, etc.)?

Of course. You can use the entire image or select a part of it as a motif.

Does SymmetryShop work with vector art objects?

Yes, the plug-in fully supports both vector shape and smart vector objects, as well as editable text (type layers). See examples here. Also, if you work mainly with vector art, you may want to check our popular Illustrator plug-in, Artlandia SymmetryWorks, which specializes in vector patterns (and lets you combine vector and raster images in your patterns too). Here is a comparison chart of the plug-ins.

Can I send my SymmetryShop patterns to a customer who does not have the plug-in?

Yes, SymmetryShop patterns are saved as usual Photoshop files and your customer will be able to see and print your art without the plug-in. You can also export your patterns from Photoshop in a variety of image formats, for example, TIFF or GIF.

Can I get just one rectangular tile to use in a textile CAD program or a web browser (as a web page background)?

Yes, SymmetryShop saves the exact tile with your artwork as a channel. You can always open your file, apply the SymmetryShop Tile selection, crop, and get the exact rectangle that seamlessly tiles the plane. You can also create a Photoshop pattern preset and use it as a pattern fill.

Will SymmetryShop create wallpaper designs for PC and background patterns for web pages?

Yes, you can easily crop a SymmetryShop pattern down to exactly one rectangular tile. Then simply export the file from Photoshop in, say, JPEG format.

I am a textile designer. Will SymmetryShop create the standard straight (block) repeats and half-drop repeats for me?

Absolutely. SymmetryShop has the built-in drop and brick repeats. You can easily make the half-drop, quarter-drop, and other fractional drop repeats. It is equally easy to create other popular repeats used in textile design.

I am new to pattern design. I don't know what all these repeats mean. Will SymmetryShop teach me what I need to know to create nice patterns?

The plug-in comes with a detailed user guide, which introduces all the built-in layouts. Also, many pattern design terms are defined and illustrated in the Artlandia Glossary of Pattern Design. Specifically, here are the definitions and examples of "repeating patterns" and "seamless patterns".

Is there any way to make a border pattern?

Yes, you can create both surface patterns and borders with SymmetryShop. Click here for an example.

Can I create kaleidoscopic patterns?

Easily. Kaleidoscope is one of the available symmetry types.

Does the plug-in work in Photoshop X?

The shipping version of SymmetryShop works with Photoshop CC 2014 and later versions. For earlier versions, starting from Photoshop 7 and including Photoshop CS6 and CC, we provide SymmetryShop 3, which is included with your purchase of SymmetryShop 4. See System Requirements for details.

Is there a user guide for SymmetryShop?

Of course! A PDF file is included with the distribution or you can download it here (PDF, 9 MB).

Is there a tryout version of SymmetryShop?

Yes, you can download the free demo version here.