Photoshop Pattern Design for the Pro

New Pattern Design Workflow in SymmetryShop 4

Never miss a beat with the new pattern design workflow. Fully automatic updates in SymmetryShop 4 make designing patterns in Photoshop faster and more intuitive than ever.
Linked patterns

Automatically rebuild your pattern after editing your motif. Transforms, warps, filters, and brushes—as well as edits with the Eraser, Paint Bucket, and other Photoshop tools—now all trigger instant and automatic SymmetryShop updates. Activate/deactivate updates using the new Linked Pattern button at any time.

Easy editing of the control path

Edit the control path to change the repeat size or the orientation of your pattern. Use Photoshop’s Transform Path command or your favorite path editing tools, such as the Path Selection tool or the Direct Selection tool. SymmetryShop now rebuilds the pattern automatically as soon as you apply the edit.

Customizable update workflow

Apply several edits before a pattern update. In addition to stopping updates by unlinking the pattern, you can also suspend updates by selecting any part of the motif—or by selecting the whole motif with a keyboard shortcut. So it is easy to trigger an update exactly whenever you choose.

One-click display of the control path area

Instantly visualize the control path area to properly arrange motif elements, even without a pattern update. Hide the control path area with a click, too. The new Show/Hide the Control Path Area button is yet another amenity in the SymmetryShop panel.

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