Pattern design on Illustrator
SymmetryWorks Mini-Tutorials

CreatingTessellations in Illustrator

1 Start by drawing a short line with the pencil tool. • Make the SymmetryWorks pattern of the type Perpendicular mirrors & glide (cmm). • Suitably increase the size of the control path.

2 Complete the contour interactively using the pen or pencil tool. Of course, you draw only the highlighted part — and the plug-in provides the rest.

3 Copy the pattern to another window. • Expand it. • Pick the neighboring lines that make up the contour of one of the "jigsaw" pieces and discard the rest. • Join the lines of the contour. • Apply a fill color.

4 Replace the highlighted line created in step 2 with the solid piece in step 3. • Optionally add the squares for ornamentation.

5 Expand the pattern. • Apply a darker fill color to every other interlocking piece.