Pattern design on Illustrator
SymmetryWorks Mini-Tutorials

Creating Raster-Based Floral Pattern Designs in Illustrator

You have a scanned image or perhaps some other raster file. This tutorial walks you through the steps of converting that raster image to an Illustrator pattern.

1 Start by importing the image to Illustrator. Choose File > Place and be sure to check the Link box in the resulting dialog. This way your SymmetryWorks pattern will be automatically updated if you edit your image in Photoshop later.

2 Select the imported image and click the Make button in the SymmetryWorks panel. You can use any symmetry type you like, but for this pattern we choose Simple shift .

3 Increase the repeat size to give yourself room to work. You can do that by editing the control path. While you are at it, make the pattern into half-drop by dragging the right side of the control path down half-way.

4 Add a few replicas of the original flower image. Rotate, reflect, and move the replicas around to create an organic look. Notice that the pattern changes as you work with replicas so you see your design in repeat at all steps.