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Counterchange Patterns: New in SymmetryWorks 6

Balancing "black" and "white" or "positive" and "negative" counterparts is a time-proven strategy for enriching repeat patterns. SymmetryWorks 6 makes color reversals easy and automatic and brings hundreds of new ways to instantly create pleasing to the eye patterns at your disposal. Also included in the new version are multiple other improvements in the pattern design workflow.

Counterchange symmetry operations

Switch counterchange symmetry on the fly. To complement the 17 primary symmetry controls, the new Color Symmetries pane offers 46 secondary symmetry buttons that let you combine symmetry operations with color reversals in all mathematically possible ways. The secondary controls are split into groups of no more than five that conveniently swap as appropriate for your primary symmetry selection—so navigating this sea of possibilities is a breeze.

Custom color reversals in cells and tiles

Customize the canonical counterchange operations further and readily produce a stream of patterns by applying your choice of color reversals within a tile and, for some symmetries, by reversing rows and/or columns of tiles too.

Color reversals in replicas

Replicas have always been a powerful yet easy-to-master tool. They give you transformed copies of your motif that are hot-linked to the originals. And now you can paint your live copies in different styles and colors too.

Automatic color inversion

Invert RGB or CMYK colors in your motif and immediately breathe stability and balance into your pattern. The inversion is dynamic—when you recolor a seed element, SymmetryWorks automatically replaces its inverse.

Fully editable color reversal schemes

Assume full control over reversed colors. Add live effects, apply a color group, tweak the colors one-by-one, or easily change motif colors in complete harmony with their reversed counterparts.