Interactive Pattern Swatches and Symbols in Adobe Illustrator

Download Artlandia LivePresets

The free demo (tryout) version and the full version of Artlandia LivePresets are one and the same. The plug-in works in the trial mode until you unlock the full version by entering a serial number.

About the Demo Version

Just as with the full version, you can interactively edit Illustrator pattern swatches and symbols and print results.

So what's the difference? The save feature is disabled and the duration of a demo session is limited to only several edits, after which the demo object reverts to its initial state.

In particular, you cannot save snapshots of your work and the Initial and Current swatches in the LivePresets palette, which normally save the state, serve for display purposes only. All demo sessions start from the same initial state.

How to Unlock the Full Version?

You can unlock the full version within minutes. Purchase the plug-in and follow the instructions to obtain your serial number. Purchase now »

How to Unistall LivePresets?

Run the installer again and choose the Remove option. Or, if you've dragged the plug-in components to their destinations manually, simply drag the component out.