Artlandia Collection

Unique seamless pattern designs in repeat—perfectly adjustable to your needs!
Geometric 2
The Artlandia Collection consists of the following volumes:
  • Geometric 1 and Geometric 2

    51 original designs in each volume: abstract, all-over, eccentric, interlocking, textured; in a variety of shapes and repeats.

  • The Ultimate Certificate Kit

    20 original borders and 20 background patterns that you can combine to produce distinctive certificate designs in minutes.

  • Optical

    51 optical designs, original or inspired by classical motives: illusion, contrast, perspective, progression, movement, and moire patterns.

  • Camouflage

    30 original camouflage designs (disruptive patterns) with variations, more than 50 designs in total; abstract and nature-inspired, for hunting, military, and fashion applications.

All designs in the Artlandia Collection are in repeat. This makes the collection ideal for creating surface patterns, textile designs, endpapers, web page backgrounds, illustrations—and all other projects where repeated patterns are needed.

All designs are provided in the vector format as EPS files. So you always get the highest-quality images, whatever repeat size you choose. You can open the files in any EPS-aware application, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Macromedia FreeHand. In Photoshop, you can rasterize the images at a suitable resolution, for example, 72 dpi for the web or 600 dpi for high-resolution printing. Illustrator and other vector programs let you interactively edit images in the vector form.

For added convenience, all patterns are also provided as Illustrator swatch (or brush) libraries, which makes it a snap to use the patterns as fills in your artwork.

Better still, if you use Adobe Illustrator with Artlandia SymmetryWorks, each pattern immediately opens a wealth of design ideas. It is like putting a motif into a kaleidoscope, only SymmetryWorks is more versatile and powerful than a kaleidoscope.

And of course, all volumes come with a catalog in a PDF file for easy review and selection.

Purchase individual volumes or the entire collection for more convenience and immediate savings. In the collection, one volume is free and you will save even more on a combined purchase with SymmetryWorks.

Both Windows and Mac OS versions are available. Your computer will need an additional 25 MB of RAM and up to 140 MB hard disk space per volume. The extra hard disk space is not required if you purchase the entire collection, which comes on CD-ROMs unlocked.

Use the designs for your personal projects or in commercial products at no extra cost (royalty-free). We recommend that you peruse the license agreement before the purchase. The agreement is available on the order page »