Pattern design on Illustrator

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SymmetryWorks provides more productivity features for textile design than any other specialized software on the market today. The unprecedented collection of layouts includes the built-in drop and brick (cascading) repeats; diamond, stripe, grid, and spot (sateen) repeats; fully automated step (sliding) repeats; and the composite, all-over, and tossed repeats. Switching to a different layout with SymmetryWorks requires a single click of the mouse. You can further adjust built-in layouts or interactively design your own repeat system—as easily as you design a pattern—and add your new system to the built-in ones. And, of course, the plug-in allows you to edit the motif at any time; your edits are instantly and automatically applied to all repeating units. Best of all, SymmetryWorks keeps your designs in a resolution-free, "vector" form so you can rescale them quickly and without loss of quality. Whether you create contemporary printed apparel or traditional woven upholstery, small-scale "contract" interiors or full-size decorative fabric, SymmetryWorks makes you more productive than ever before.

An example of a textile design created with SymmetryWorks
A composite repeat. The motif is rotated around the center three times and then put in the brick repeat. You draw only one branch and a quarter-disk and SymmetryWorks completes the design. As you interactively edit the branch, the plug-in automatically updates the entire design.