Digital Camouflage Patterns - Created in Artlandia

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Created: 12/02/2012
Last edited: 12/04/2012
Tags: DigitalPattern, CamouflagePattern, WallpaperGroupPGG, DigitalPatternArt
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A mini-tutorial on creating digital (pixelated) camouflage patterns in #SymmetryMill...

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The motif for this digital camouflage pattern design is made from a Norway maple photo (1) by removing larger features with the Clone-Stamp tool in Photoshop (2). The image was then "digitized" using the Pixellate > Mosaic filter (3) and reduced to three colors using Image > Mode > Indexed Color (4).

Digital camouflage pattern

A sample of Digital Pattern, Camouflage Pattern, Wallpaper Group PGG, Digital Pattern Art
Copyright type: Creative Commons Attribution License

Source image credits:
Image by Trachemys (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

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