Interactive Pattern Swatches and Symbols in Adobe Illustrator

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  Artlandia LivePresets is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator. Instantly create live pattern swatches or symbols and start editing them with your favorite Illustrator tools. All linked artwork updates interactively as you edit. Once you try the live editing, you will never want to edit your swatches or symbols any other way.

Main Features
Pattern swatches and symbols come to life with LivePresets. Edit on the fly and see your artwork magically updated.

LivePresets is a companion to SymmetryWorks and SymmetryShop, our popular plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, respectively. In Illustrator, SymmetryWorks creates sophisticated patterns; LivePresets interactively applies them throughout your artworks. In most cases, you will want to use the three plug-ins together. However, the plug-ins are totally independent and can be used separately. Click here to learn about SymmetryWorks, here for the plug-in comparison chart, or here to continue with the LivePresets tour.